Friday 23 August 2019
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When should you hire a Professional Pest Control Service provider?

As a homeowner, you know there are home projects you can do without professional help while there are others you literally don’t know the first thing about. Pest control is one of those projects that don’t strictly fall under either category. In some cases, DIY measures work just fine while in others you would be putting too much on the line by handling it single-handedly. So how do you differentiate between DIY-approved and pro-worthy scenarios?

The answer will depend on a number of factors including the type of pest you are dealing with, and the extent of the infestation. For example, a single yellow jacket flying into your home should be no cause of the alarm, but a swarm of them building a nest in your front porch should certainly call for the attention of a professional. If you are caught up in any of these situations, consider hiring an exterminator:

The infestation is too big

When the infestation is too large, getting rid of all the pests in one go will require some expert knowledge, which you obviously don’t have. With extremely large infestations, you may not even know where the insects or rodents are hiding and you may put in too much effort trying to identify the hot spots in your home.

Most top rated pest control experts are trained professionals in animal and pest behavior. They can point out potential hiding places of the target pest by simply taking a look around your home. If nests are scattered randomly in the home, the professional can use a special bug bomb to access all corners of your house and get rid of every little animal that is residing within the walls.

When moisture is getting in the way

Most bugs thrive in dark and damp environments. If it is the rainy season and there are large puddles of water around your home harboring bugs, it would be wise to call a professional to get rid of the insects and device a way to make the place uninhabitable for them in case they come back again.

When it is stinging insects you are dealing with

Fire ants, yellow jackets, and wasps may not be that destructive as pests but they sting and that makes it virtually impossible to coexist with them. Worse yet, you may not be able to ask them to leave your home nicely without inviting a few stings.

Professional exterminators have the expertise and equipment to handle all types of stinging and biting animals without exposing your family and pets to danger.

You have an allergy

A colony of wasps or other stinging insects can contain upwards of 80,000 members. That is no good news for someone who has an allergy for insect stings. Multiple bites or stings at the same time can be life-threatening and it wouldn’t be inadvisable to even stay in a home infested with stinging insects. Consider staying indoors and getting in touch with an exterminator as soon as you notice swarms of potentially harmful insects flying around in your home.

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