Friday 23 August 2019
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What are free live cams?

A lot of cam sites when they started out originally never used to allow any kind of nudity in what was originally referred to as the areas for free chats. As a matter of fact, any kind of nudity was strictly limited to private areas for shows on the websites.

The whole concept of the live webcam girls or free nudity cams got introduced for the first time in the year 2010 with the start of the feature for tipping. This change of the way businesses worked resulted in a new way of making business models work now. The businesses started to allow model to work in nudity while staying on the free chat sections and they started using sexual toys in return for tips when they provided their services of sexual gratification.

Tipping has really changed the way the cam game was played before and it has also made it more interactive in nature and turned into a group level experience where each tipper may demand the girl for something in exchange for what they want to see or what they want to get done and they tip accordingly. There is a set tip by each girl for each of the different acts. For example, a tit flash may ask for a tip of $5 and a full-frontal view for extended periods may be more. Playing with toys would definitely take more tips than for a mere tit flash. Tipping is a lot of fun, and a way to stay engaged.

It is also an excellent way to show your appreciation for the cam girl and stand apart from the others as you get more attention. A lot of users tip the highest in the room to get the model’s attention. There are no upper bounds were tipping but cases where people have tipped up to $1000 have been heard in chat rooms.

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