Wednesday 17 July 2019
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Tips To Prepare For Class 12 Board Exam

One of the stressful thing in any student’s career is the board exam. To ease your worries, I am writing some tips that can help you overcome your stress. It is important to start your preparation early than at the last minute. One cannot learn the entire portion a day/night prior to the exam. It is always a good practice to finish studying the portion a few weeks before the exam. This will give you time to revise the chapters. Also, there are eLearning apps like BYJU’S which provide study materials and even solutions of textbook problems chemistry NCERT solution 12, or physics solutions, etc.

Things to consider while preparing for your 12th boards:


Before preparing for one of the most critical examinations, it is necessary to have a schedule. Organising yourself is very important. A proper study time-table with dedicated hours of study including time to be spent on each subject, chapter and break is the key for an effective preparation.


Dedicate time to subjects based on the hours required to complete each chapter. Or, you can also do it by considering chapter-wise weight age of marks. This will help you make a brief outline and give you an idea of the time required to finish your preparation.


Understand the concepts and do not memorize without understanding the concepts. Once you have understood the concepts, write or draw diagrams to practice. Doing this will help you remember the concepts. If you are not able to understand any topic take help. You can clear your doubts with your teachers or friends or you can even get information on the internet. Make notes or flashcards which are extremely helpful during the revision phase.


Revising the topics and taking up practice test or mock exam will boost your confidence. It makes you analyze and realize how good you are on a particular topic. You get a chance to improvise by studying the topics that you are weak in and master the concepts. Also, you learn time management skills by increasing your speed.

Take care

Drink plenty of water, eat well, take breaks frequently, have a sound sleep, don’t panic, and stay healthy. Most important of all- don’t evaluate after the examination.

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