Friday 23 August 2019
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Tips and tricks to crack questions of blood relation

Banking industry offers an immense range of job vacancies in different posts. Many aspirants are preparing sincerely to achieve success in those examinations. Candidates who are new to this field will find it hard to begin the exam preparation. They don’t know how to cover the syllabus before the exam dates. The Internet is really a useful resource when you find yourself helpless during the tough times. A good number of websites are available in online to guide you in the right path. Three different important sections including English, reasoning, and aptitude are presented in preliminary exam. In mains exam, you will find additional sections like general awareness and computer knowledge other than these three sections. Blood relation is one of the scoring parts existed in the reasoning section. First, you have to understand the pattern of blood relation questions so that you can learn the method to solve it. It is not only vital part in banking exams but also in SSC and other competitive exams.

Plotting a line diagram

Statement and symbol related questions are mostly asked in blood relation topic. You can find some resourceful sites which explain you simple tricks and shortcuts to solve this part easily. It is assured that you will find the blood relation topic in every competitive exam. Relations will be illustrated in terms of symbols and statements so that you have to know how to solve these types of questions in a short time. It is important that you have to be familiar with time management skills. Statement based questions will describe the relationship between two people in an indirect way. You can solve these questions by plotting a line diagram.

If you try to solve the questions continuously, you will become familiar with it and thus you will not face any issues in the exam. Sometimes, information provided in the question will be very confusing. In that case, you have to read and consider a part of the question to understand it first. Then, start to draw a tree diagram to solve the question simply. Family tree plays an integral part in the blood relation questions so that you have to know how to draw it efficiently.

Be conscious in not to assume gender

If gender is not assigned to any relation, you should not assume the gender in any case. You must be careful that if you assume things, you cannot obtain the correct answers. Start to practice a number of questions in blood relation so that you can stay away from confusions. Some helpful tricks are accessible online to crack logical reasoning section in a simple way. Symbol-based questions will be little tricky as you have to solve two extremes of the equation. These sorts of blood relation questions are considered to be extremely imperative because at least 3 mark questions will be asked in the exams. When you come across these questions in the exam, the family tree should come to your mind first. After that, start to draw the diagram as per the given questions and find the solution easily.

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