Friday 23 August 2019
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The Unique Presentation of the Growth of Cells in Molecular Biology

InkNic ‘The Art of Science’is developed by a man who is not just proficient in one field – research in molecular biology but is also proficient in creative arts. In fact, he has been drawing for as long as he can remember. He has been in the field of science for almost a decade now. He is well prepared to turn a concept into digital art.

What is digital art?

Digital artwork is a practice using digital expertise as part of the process of presentation. Subsequently, in the 1970s, other names have been used to label the process, such as computer and multimedia art. Digital art is itself located under the greater umbrella term as new media art.

Question for the day

What do you do when you have a passion for two vastly different fields? Most people would make a living with one and perhaps make the other one a hobby. Or use one medium to explore and teach about the other passion. The example here is researching molecular biology and teaching others about it through the multimedia arts. This is an example:

Video explanation

The researcher/artist explains this short video as a time interval of his illustration “The Translating Ribosome” complete in procreate. Ribosomes use the sequence which is detailed of codons on the mRNA and will match those codons to tRNA molecules that carry the matching amino acids. This process of translations builds a polypeptide that has the exact arrangement in procreating defined by the pattern of mRNA.”

Facebook & YouTube

Or go to the Facebook page to see more videos as well as pictures that teach on cell biology. There is also a YouTube site with more videos.

Company Overview

Perhaps you are interested in learning more unique ways to show what you are working on or studying. Then set down with the owner of this company and discuss the latest advancement and adventures that you have had and talk about the basic concept in science using paintings, illustrations, and other types of digital art. You might find the perfect media for the presentation of your ideas.

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