Friday 23 August 2019
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Weddings are joyous events where two people get united in marriage. These events vary between different religions, different cultures, different ethnic groups, different social classes and many more depending on the traditions and customs. In a wedding celebration, marriage vows are exchanged by the parties involved in different ways specified by the customs and traditions. Among the ways include; Gifts presentation and the public announcing of a marriage by authoritative people like priests, advocates or even judges. In a wedding, in some occurrences, special wedding fit-outs are worn, special music is played, poems may be recited in some events, prayers, and readings from religious books are integrated to mark the event. The following steps may be taken to ensure a perfect marriage.

Making the announcement:

This involves letting parents and family members know about the big news which should be done in person or in a special phone call if they are distant from the couple. After that one may make the wedding public by letting friends, church members or a judge who will join the two in marriage.

Digging into dreams:

This is where both parties sit and discuss ideas. Ideas may involve whether both want to do it on the beach or a dinner sited somewhere or a ceremony or even on a mountaintop without talking about money yet. Each one should be allowed to talk their dreams out loud without minding if it were possible or not.

Finding the correct timing:

This involves having an idea of what month of the year of the season the couple wants to get married. It’s not a must they have a fixed date but a rough timing of where they will get married. This step includes finding the time which is convenient to both, the parents, the close family members, the friends to invite and all parties involved in the wedding to avoid discomfort in any party involved.

Talk money:

Time is gone where the bride’s parents used to pay for the whole wedding bill so the couple has to find out from both sets of parents how much the parents can contribute and sources of money. In this step the couple can note down sources of money that may include; Fundraising and friends’ contributions among others. Organizing the event; it is in this step where the couple writes down with the help of friends the amount of cash they want to spend on items to purchase. Among the key things to write are; Money for the reception, money for paying the preceding priest or judge, money for hiring professional wedding and event photography and money for food if there’s a reception etc. Choosing the tone for the wedding also takes place in this step.

Choosing a venue for the celebration and reception:

It’s in this step where the couple picks a convenient place for the wedding to take place. The venue should be between the parents and the couple’s home for convenience’s sake. In choosing the reception the couple should think of their dreams and the people attending to make sure it fits everyone who will be attending.

Weddings are a lifetime decision which should not be rushed to because it involves bonding two families for life. Marriage is an important practice and is highly valued among several denominations. Among the Christians, raising children is a priority for marriage and advocates for monogamy. Among the Judaists, marrying and getting married is considered so important that anyone who remains unmarried is considered an outcast or is considered unnatural. The Islam highly urge for marriage as among other things they say it helps in the pursuit of religious perfection. The Hindu consider marriage a sacred duty entailing both the social and religious obligations.

There are several types of weddings depending on the choice of the couple involved. Among the types are;

  1. Civil weddings which are carried out by the authority e.g. a Mayor, a Judge and use the bible for referencing or the deity.
  2. Destination weddings take place in a setting where all invited guests are forced to travel and stay there for several days.
  • Double weddings involve two couples opt for consecutive weddings
  1. Handfasting which was known as a trial wedding would involve a couple declares a binding union for a duration of a year and one day.

There are many other types of weddings practiced in the modern world and a couple getting together should choose and prepare well enough for whatever lies after the vows.

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