Friday 23 August 2019
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Students with Agoraphobia – Is Distance Learning The Only Solution?

A phobia is when you have an unreasonable or excessive fear of something. Agoraphobia covers many different things. Not only is it a fear of open or crowded places, it can also be a fear or avoidance of going to places which cause panic or create a feeling of being trapped, embarrassed or helpless. The severity of this condition can vary from slight to severe and it can be so serious that people can avoid leaving the house. When someone with agoraphobia thinks about the feared object such as open spaces or crowded places, they will experience immediate and severe anxiety.

Distance Learning – The Alternatives

If you suffer from agoraphobia but you really want to attend university, distance learning is not your only solution. You may be a great essay writer or a natural when it comes to academic work, but your fear may be stopping you from something that you would really enjoy. Depending on the severity, there are several coping mechanisms that you can use to help you in situations that make you anxious or exacerbate your agoraphobia. Of course, it’s not just the university campus that you have to think about, it is commuting to and from a university on a daily basis that you also have to contend with.

Tackling Anxiety

There are two main approaches to treat a phobia: the first is to confront the situation and the second is to tackle any scary thoughts that you have and address your anxiety levels. Often it can help with staged exposure to the situation. It is best that you work with a professional who can help you do this properly and in a way that won’t make the condition worse. It is important that you remain in the situation until the anxiety has disappeared completely rather than try to ‘escape’ when the anxiety levels get to a certain point. This can take a while and will reduce over time, but if you are committed you will start to learn that you can survive the situation, and even feel relaxed at university or in a public place. The second stage is to address the negative thoughts that you have when placed in the situation that makes you anxious. Instead of thinking about everything that will go wrong, consider rational thoughts and reassure yourself that everything will be fine.

Overcoming Your Fears

Anxiety is perfectly normal and it won’t do you any harm unless it gets to the point where it is causing you physical or mental concerns. Each time you confront the situation is an opportunity to overcome your anxiety or fears in another way. Think of the situation as a positive rather than focus on what could go wrong. Think about the benefits that university can bring and how you will feel if you successfully attend and achieve your academic goals.

Agoraphobia shouldn’t be something that stops you from living your life. You may find that university assignment writing services may help to relieve the pressure. f you have your mind set on going to university, employ a professional coach to help you overcome your fears or speak with a professional through your doctor or university who may be able to provide advice and support. There are lots of alternatives and you don’t have to rely on distance learning to study and overcome your agoraphobia.

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