Friday 23 August 2019
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Natural Zisha Clay Is the Secret to Nourishes Cooking

The VitaClay multi cooker promotes the following:

  • Even consistent cooking for textures that are perfect
  • Mixes flavor molecules for enlarged taste so you can reduce the use of sweeteners, salt, and oil
  • Alkalinizes foods naturally and conserves important nutrients
  • Helps with digestion and absorption of nutrient
  • Unparalleled health benefits

VitaClay® helps you stay friends with the planet by saving time and valuable eco-resources.

What clay offers

The fine texture and porousness of the purple clay, together with a low thermal conductivity makes it perfect for brewing tea and cooking food. Purple clay has special chemistry, texture, characteristics, and composition. It has a 4% rate of water absorption and is thought by experts to be the best substance for making teapot and crockery that is chemical free.

Natural Zisha clay is behind VitaClay® crockery. It was developed thousands of years ago by rainfalls scrubbing the mountains of southern China, discharging minerals into lakes and creating large beds of clay, known as the “pride of China.” Zisha clay is the organic material crafted into ‘Living Cookware” and prized by Emperors to sponsor wellbeing, health, and longevity.

Comfort food

Comfort food really is comforting, and everyone has their favorites. These familiar foods from our childhood are called soul food for good reason. Mouth-watering spaghetti, mac and cheese, beef stew, chicken soup with rice or even oatmeal is warming, creamy, rich, hearty, flavourful and most importantly, made with healthy ingredients and love. Everything that satisfies the soul.

Busy life

With VitaClay it is possible –even with your busy life –to have your home-cooked favorites appear when mealtime rolls around.

Healthier meals

A few simple ingredients and a push of a button give you all your favorite comfort foods quickly, easily and with only one pot to clean. And better yet, the meals you make in a VitaClay can be healthier and more delicious because clay infuses flavors and keeps your ingredients tender and succulent.

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