Wednesday 17 July 2019
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Make the kids happy: The best channel packs for children

Your children will love watching TV when you sign up for an Airtel D2H package. After all, it has several kids’ channels at crystal clear transmission.

Tired of the poor quality of programming on your cable TV connection, your kids have been clamoring to get a D2H package for your home TV. They have seen the superior quality of programming on their friends’ TV sets, and they want the same in their TV set, too. So you give in and get them a DTH connection.

A DTH connection provides a more superior picture and sound quality than the usual cable connection can ever provide. The images are sharper and denser, the sound quality is superb, and the channels are easy to navigate. Besides, you only pay for the channels that you wish to watch, instead of paying for a bundle of channels that you don’t need.

Your kids will love you for it!

Your children will thank you for getting an Airtel D2H package for your home. Airtel DTH offers the best across different channel packs, at excellent monthly prices that you will love as well. Each pack is designed to provide wholesome entertainment to each member of the family, with an array of channels to choose from. What’s more, you can modify the pack later to add more channels or change the pack entirely to sign up for a new one – you can do this online, so seamlessly that you will marvel at how easy it all is!

There are at least 12 children’s channels in each Airtel DTH pack, whichever you pick for your city. Besides, your children will also love watching sports, action film and GEC, or other infotainment.

If you are in Mumbai and want to sign up for an Airtel D2H package, this is what you should do:

* Browse for the available Airtel DTH packs for Mumbai on the Airtel website.

* Place your request for a new D2H package on the Airtel website or via the smartphone app (but register your number on the app before you place your request).

* Airtel will contact you in under an hour to take your request forward. You will be asked for your usage, general channel preferences, etc. Either a pack will be suggested to you, or you can ask for a specific pack that you like.

* The technician from Airtel will arrive at your residence within 24 hours to install the DTH connection. After installation, you will be coached on using the set-top box, looking for channels, operating the setup box to record programming, using the universal remote control to operate both TV and set-top box, etc.

* Every month, you must recharge the D2H package online to ensure uninterrupted TV viewing for the whole family. You can modify the pack or get an upgrade later if you wish.

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