Wednesday 17 July 2019
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KidZania Interactive and learning center during school holidays

Kidzania is the popular learning and interactive center in Kuala Lumpur basically for kids aged between 4 to14 years. In KidZania program they combine inspiration, learning, and fun activities for kids through actual role-play.

This has made KidZania among the fastest developing entertainment and learning center for kids worldwide. Kid’s attractions in kl to visit during school holiday is to explore independently the scaled indoor town of more than 7000 square meters with over 100 interesting careers to attempt.

Redemption Instruction in KidZania

The reservation is not allowed for any the attractions in KidZania program. You can visit the outlet anytime and provide your QR Code.

KidZania is basically an indoor family entertainment and learning experience center that provides a remarkable experience for kids aged strictly between 4 to 14years.

KidZania Combines the real-life activities such as making the kid-centric town experience built to inspire and educate children from airport arrival to city center visiting so as to explore a city street.

Real World activities offered in KidZania

Fun and learning programs for kids during school holiday in Kidzania Just like in the real world, since the children are provided with the activities like Doctor, Police officer, Journalism, how to earn money, save or even spend. KidZania just imitates the actual city with buildings, vehicles, paved streets, a functioning economy, and destination recognition.

It also built in a form an establishment branded and sponsored by top brands and leading international.  The facilities in KidZania are meant to educate through development, experience and enhancing real life skills but it is based on kid’s perspective and it’s all account entertainment and learning.

Terms and Condition

The ticket of Kidzania Fun and learning programs for kids during school holiday has six month validity period after the purchasing date. It is not necessary to print KidZania tickets. Simply you just present a QR code through the phone. The ticket redemption can be done through the counter-attraction. TheMy kid or Mykad should be delivered for buying of MyKad Holder ticket type.

In case you’ve changed your mind and you want the request to cancel your ticket, just fill the Refund Form and Submit. And the refund can only be done if you haven’t visited any attraction.

How to get your ticket

  • Simply add the tickets to cart and continue to the checkout.
  • You also allowed adding numerous tickets for different attraction under one order.
  • Immediately the payment is transacted, you will get a QR code through your email.
  • Note that it is a FlexPlus ticket without a reservation permitted.
  • You can only submit a QR code at the counter or online.
  • Printing the tickets is not necessary, you just display a QR code on your phone.

If you have children who are interested in the activities like, pilot, firefighting and much more, kid’s attractions in kl to visit during school holiday is the place to be. It is an establishment of 80,000 sq. fit. A kid-sized town, across over 60 establishments where they have a tremendous opportunity to learn the value of teamwork and develop their skills.

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