Friday 23 August 2019
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How to Go About a Career Change

Find out what makes you happy– and pursue it for that new career at any age. You might have to go back to education i.e. if you’d like to become a life coach you can do a coach course or the experience you’ve picked up over the years could be enough to land you that dream job.

Don’t get stuck in a job you don’t like, start making things happen.

Here’s how.

Look in the mirror

Meaning the metaphorical mirror, but if it helps, stare into an actual mirror if you like. Think about what areas of your job make you happy – working in a team, leading a team, being creative, problem-solving?

You can be honest with yourself. If you like working independently – in your own headspace – that’s okay, too. Make the small area of your job you enjoy most the main aspect of your new career.

Think about the final product

When you get home from your new career and start to unwind, what do you want to have achieved that day? It could be earning more money, contributing to society or making something. Visualize this every day and it’ll help you achieve it.

Roll up your sleeves

You know by now how you learn best. Do you want a break from the 9 to 5 office environment? Go back to university as a mature student. Are you more the hands-on? Learn on the job and do an internship or work experience if that will give you the foot in the door.

Don’t worry if your current degree isn’t relevant to your new job, many employers value experience more than the letters after your name and you’ll be surprised by how many of your skills – taught at uni or on the shop floor – are transferable. Make sure these skills stand out in your CV and commit them to heart for interviews.

Networking is key

You’ve met more people, shaken more hands and done more deals than you realize so use this experience and start networking with acquaintances, industry professionals etc. They can get you a foot in the door by giving you pointers about breaking into a new industry or could even recommend you. Most people love to talk about jobs especially if they are passionate about their career, so start networking.

Your new career could be closer than you think – makes sure you do your research, ask questions and join relevant groups. It might be worthwhile to speak to your current employer – if your boss values you and your skills above a job title, they might be willing to invest in your development to help you change position within the company. Or might potentially be able to create a new position just for you.

Let your passion become your paycheque.

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