Wednesday 17 July 2019
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Gaugestools are the best for your NPT thread gauge requirements

Many mechanical implements have threads, either externally or internally. Pipes have threads too. Sometimes you have pipes having external threads as well as internal threads. It is what makes them unique. Pipes have great utility in transporting liquids and gases throughout the length and breadth of the country. You have pipes going under the ground as well as under the sea. It can subject them to corrosion thereby causing leakages. Therefore, there is a need for ensuring the fitness of the pipe. You need high-quality precision tools to check the tolerance levels of such pipes. One such tool is the NPT thread gauge.

What is the NPT thread gauge?

NPT stands for National Pipe Thread. You use these threads in the US and Canadian industries in pipes for transporting liquids and gases. They have to be of high quality to prevent any leaks. Pipes that transport fuel use a different type of thread known as NPTF (National Pipe Thread Fuel). There is not much difference between the two in the physical features, but the NPTF threads do not require the use of sealants. They have this auto sealant process in them.

There are many types of NPT thread gauges. Let us look into them in brief.

As usual, you have the ring gauges to measure the tolerance levels of external threads whereas the plug gauges have utility in checking the internal threads.

NPT L1 taper pipe ring gauges are used to determine the pitch of the external threads.

NPT L1 ring gauges check the functional size or the hand tight engagement of pipes, nipple or main threads. The L2 ring gauge is a more complex tool having utility in checking Dryseal and aeronautical tolerances.

You can order your NPT thread gauges from Gaugestools. This company manufactures thread gauges, taps, and dies of the highest quality. The most significant advantage of buying these ring gauges from this company is that you can use them directly without subjecting them to the plug setting tests. The company carries out these tests before dispatching the consignment.

All gauges manufactured by this company comply with ANSI/A SME B1.20.1 standards. It is the highest quality standard available today to check pipe thread tolerances. This company knows that they cannot compromise on the quality aspect because any leakage or seepage from these pipes can cause disastrous repercussions. Accuracy is the byword in this industry. It is why this company is trendy when it comes to choosing thread ring gauges or plug gauges.

The range of gauges available on display is tremendous. You have the UN thread gauges on one side whereas the BSW Whitworth gauge on the other. This company caters to industries all over the world. They know that countries other than the US and Canada follow the metric system. Therefore, Gaugestools manufactures metric thread gauges as well. They have a reputation for producing the best taps and dies as well.

You get reliable and assured delivery of your consignment. The attractive return policy allows you to return the shipment with a full refund in case you are not satisfied with the product.

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