Friday 23 August 2019
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Finding the Right CMO to Outsource

Maybe you’re a recently established startup trying to streamline operation, or a quickly growing company in the middle of a transition with no time to train for the position. If you’re a fast-paced business, there are many reasons for you to consider an outsourced CMO.

Hiring an already experienced professional eases out the onboarding process. Instead for looking for a new employee to fit the role, subsequently train, and fix necessary paperwork for, outsourcing allows you to get started once you work out a contract with an external employee without having to worry about how to manage them.

Outsourcing is also cost-efficient in that it keeps payroll, operating and overhead expenses reasonably low while reserving key company personnel for their tasks.

But first, a word of caution: an outsourced CMO may lift some weight on your shoulder, but try not to find an overqualified fit for the role. Not only does it pose more cost than what’s just justifiable, but your company may also have very different needs a year from now.

Think about what your company needs in its current stage in life. Do you need a tactical marketing team to figure out company strategy, tactics, and growth plans for the next 3 years? Or do you just need someone to make quick and reliable decisions now, when you need it most?

But how do you know which of the many marketing agency services out there you should employ?

Offloading the work of your Chief Marketing Officer requires careful consideration. After all, they are in charge of championing your company’s brand. No matter what industry you’re in, they need to be able to act as the brand ambassador you need, whether they’re promoting hostels or marketing architects.

Another thing to note is the third party you’re about to employ is properly equipped for what your company needs. Do they have the resources for such tasks? Let’s say you’re only looking for social media solutions. That suits a local specialist just fine! But if you’re looking for a more robust strategy, including analytics and multifaceted ad campaigns in Sydney, then you’re more likely to be satisfied with one of the marketing companies in Sydney.

Look for someone who you can rely on to run and develop your company’s brand, and you’ll be able to focus on what you need more. From the humble home builder to the rising hostel chain, if you’re a business owner but are more passionate for the operations side of your business, then you’ll be able to free up time doing what you love. An outsourced CMO may be just what you need should you find the right one!

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