Tuesday 21 May 2019
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Do You Want to Know About Various Types of Craft Beer?

Are You a beer lover? You can visit London, which is a capital city of UK and enjoy different varieties of craft beer.

During your next craft beer tour London, you can try these varieties and discover the new taste of beer.

1. Ales

This is one of the oldest variety of beer having a history of about thousand years. There are few different varieties of Ales beer too as follows:

Brown Ales

Such beers are either reddish or brownish in colour and have a mild flavour of toffee, coffee or caramel.

Pale Ales

These are beers of lighter colour and have bitter and sharper flavour. In this beer family, you can include Blonde, Irish red, American Pale, Amber and India Pale Ale.


These are dark styled beer having a flavour of coffee, chocolate or roasted grain.


These beers are rich and dark and have little similarities with Porter. You can get the flavour of chocolate, coffee, molasses or licorice.

2. Lagers

In the varieties of craft beers Lagers are a bit less common and few major brands like Miller, Budweiser and few others that you may get. Due to the colder fermentation process, this kind of beer provides crisper, cleaner, smoother and much mellower taste. These beers are normally served during colder temperature. Following are few different types of Lagers.

  • Pale Lagers
  • Pilsners
  • Märzens

This variety is also known as Oktoberfest beer which is bit amber or dark copper in colour. It has got rich flavour and its taste resembles meltier taste. It is also very popular in Munich during their October festival seasons.


It may vary in colour, however, all varieties provide sweetness as well as hoppy bitterness. The flavour will be mainly malty.

If you are in pleasure trip to London then you must try all these varieties and decide which suits you the best among them.

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