Friday 23 August 2019
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Differences between E-liquid Atomizer and Oil Pen

The terms, “e-liquid atomizer” and “oil pen” are used quite frequently and in many instances, interchangeably whereas the reality is that there is a small difference that separates them. An atomizer can be used with a vape juice whereas an oil pen can work only with liquid oil, herbal or otherwise. Well, in both of them, heating does take place, but the substance that is primarily heated is different in both.

 In an atomizer, a coil heats a cotton wick that helps in forming the vapor from the liquid when inhaled. In an oil pen, the coil heats up the steel or metal heat plate which gets red hot and is the reason for the oil to get vaporized. Primarily, these are the differences between these devices. However, there are also some other facts related to them that are discussed below.

The top 10 e juice from E-liquid Mate is distinct –

An e-liquid is a man-made juice that produces vapor when used in an atomizer. They are made from vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol, flavoring, distilled water, and nicotine may also be present. Only using PG or VG can hurt the throat and may not produce the desired sweetness for inhaling and therefore flavoring and water is used to soften the taste. Vape juice atomizers usually heat at about 200 to 400 degrees Celsius so that vapor for inhalation is formed. The best part of these types of liquid is that their concentration can be varied accordingly.

Oil pens can be used with herbs too –

One of the striking differences of oil pens with an e-liquid atomizer is that it can be used with oils as well as with natural herbs so that the substance will get heated and vaporized by the metal plate. They also form vapor for inhalation, but they may not be as dense as with an atomizer.

Atomizers can be wonderful in regulating the amount of nicotine that a person wants. Moreover, by reducing the quantity with time, one can definitely look forward to being nicotine free at some point in time.

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