Friday 23 August 2019
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Cost Effective Food Public Relations

Hire professionals

You may question whether the investment in a professional London PR agency’s resources is necessary; perhaps you feel that this is an area which can be handled in-house. In reality, most enterprises that try to manage their PR alone fall into the traps of over and under investment in target markets, using less effective mediums to communicate with consumers, or start with enthusiasm and then find other tasks claim time and resources.  Please don’t let this be your food public relations experience.

A PR agency removes the uncertainty from marketing and public relations which means that you receive an excellent return on investment, secure or increase market share and prosper rather than survive in a ruthless marketplace. As industry leaders in food PR London circles, the firm has a well-earned reputation and has helped numerous brands to launch, re-invigorate and to maintain a positive relationship with their client base whilst attracting new interest.

Who are you?

For food public relations to be highly effective, at SME to multi-national corporation levels, the answers must be clear to these questions:

  • Do you know exactly what your brand stands for?
  • Who and where are your target markets?
  • Which channels do they use to seek solutions or products?
  • Why are you better than your rivals?
  • How are you ethically, environmentally and community responsible?

Attract new consumers, value your existing client base

Your existing client base must feel valued; a food public relations campaign must invite new consumers but not at the risk of losing those buyers who already trust the brand. Their power is immense because through word of mouth and social media interaction your consumers can be your unofficial brand ambassadors. If you don’t foster your relationship, they are likely to wander off to your competitors.

Food PR London professionals know how to ensure that both groups of consumers have confidence that you appreciate their value.

Powerful food PR channels

Ceres PR’s team of innovative specialists appreciate that no two clients, and therefore their campaigns, are identical. They learn about the brand, the products and really understand what makes them unique.

The most effective PR channels are employed to ensure the maximum value for money and reach.

These include digital and traditional approaches, including:

Social media:

Interacting and using posts to gauge consumer feelings are essential.


A specialist, possibly a celebrity, with online followers can act powerfully by recommending you to their audience. In our increasingly digital age, influencers are an asset.

Website and shareable online content:

Blogs, news updates. Use them to communicate effectively.

Brand storytelling:

Food public relations benefits from PR delivered within a narrative. People have always enjoyed stories; engage them in a tale and capture emotions to harness interest which can be converted into sales. Humans make purchases based on emotions and justify them later.

Print media:

Local and national, industry magazines and community focused pamphlets. A food PR London expert will as certain which publications and projects to target.

Remove risk; secure professional advice through London food PR specialists, Ceres PR.

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