Wednesday 17 July 2019
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Chemistry Memorization Techniques

In Chemistry, it is very convenient to understand the concepts than to memorize the elements, formulas, structures, and reactions. Memorizing in an effective manner is very crucial for the vast syllabus of chemistry and will definitely ensure a great score in the exam and will also prove to be an important tool for academics. Below are a few effective methods to memorize chemistry concepts.


The key to remember sequence or structure is familiarity. We usually make notes of the topics which we have read and referred to it later to memorize concepts. It could be a time-consuming process and it is a method most of us use. Students can also refer to the already made notes of the topics prepared by somebody else such as CBSE notes which consists of all the need to know points from every chapter.


This term means “memory”. It is an n very popular strategy to remember information by associating it to something meaningful. The oldest application of this technique is using knuckles on your hand to remember the number of days in each month of a year. Using this technique for remembering the list of elements in the periodic table will definitely make the process much easier.

Memory Palace

It is one of the most ancient and best methods to remember concepts related to chemistry. Here, it is advised to store unfamiliar concepts in the settings which are familiar. Associating items or chemistry concepts to a meaningful object which you use on a regular basis is the tricky part. For example, if you want to remember the number of atoms in a molecule, start counting the atoms of each element and tie them up with your daily activities. Students can memorize various concepts found in the CBSE class 11 chemistry notes with this technique.

Memorizing Numbers

The above technique is also very helpful in memorizing numbers in chemistry. Topics of chemistry which requires you to memorize digits such as Avogadro’s number and the number of particles in a mole etc. For the mole concept, the number of particles is 6.022 x 1023 and the method is to Choose “show sand tsunami.”

sh        o          w         s          a          n          d          t           s          u          n          a          m         i
6                                  0                      2          1          1          0                      2                      3

We can combine images and phrases to memorize equations, pH value etc. These were the few methods other than copying notes.  For an effective learning process, students can check out how the important concepts are explained in videos on BYJU’S by subscribing to its YouTube channel.

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