Wednesday 17 July 2019
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5 trending t-shirt colors for summer

Summers are now just around the corner. With the onset of spring, there isn’t much time left before we have the scourging hot Indian tropical summer. The coming of summer is the bell for the welcoming of new styles, one which will be all the more flamboyant and colorful. One that will not be restricted to the regular winter colors. Summers mean the season of tshirts and shorts.

This summer if you want to stand out of the crowd and look different in a positive sense then you have to stock up your wardrobe in a sensible way and diversify in your style and your color selection as well. sticking to one color will not help you pack that much of a punch. In this upcoming season of bright and flamboyant colors, you should choose clothes which are colorful as well as they will help you stand out from the crowd and also from yourself of the previous day.

The colors of the t-shirts that are trending for this summer depending upon the category of the t-shirt we are taking into consideration. We widely divide t-shirts into 4 categories which are as follows:

  • Plain Tshirts
  • Graphic Tshirts
  • Slogan Tshirts
  • Hoodies

The 5 trending colors for summers for the plain t-shirts are as follows:


This is a good choice to pair with the dark as well as light colored denim. And these are bright as well.


This is not preferred by many in plain texture, but they are good when you opt for the right shade and the dull boring one. The best shade is one tending towards lighter tone from a royal blue.


Slightly darker shades of green or neon green are preferred in plain t-shirts.


Black plain t-shirts or the slight printed ones are always preferred in t-shirts of these type.


White has always been an evergreen color, and this will be seen in other categories of t-shirts as well.


In case of graphic t-shirts, lighter colors are preferred for the base and print is in the slightly darker shade. Thus, colors like darker shades of green, blue are not preferred in these t-shirts. The shades that are trending in these t-shirts are as follows:


These are the best among the graphic t-shirt with some exceptions in shades of red. The graphic print comes best when the base color is white.


These are not coherent with everyone, but these look very flamboyant on the people who can carry this color well. Very large prints are preferred on this color.


The lighter shades of blue are very well suited for graphic prints and these t-shirts come out good.


These are one of the best t-shirts that the graphic print has to offer but they do not have as large prints as the white graphic tees have. They are simple in print flamboyant in color.


Black is preferred with very fewer designs and with white or yellow.

In case of a slogan t-shirt, they are very similar to the graphic t-shirts with the exception that these are funny or inspiring or carry a message. These also have more of grey pieces more and yellow is not preferred in these t-shirts.

When hoodies are in consideration, yellow, white and light blue and light green shades are not considered as prime choices and instead of those colors, red, darker shades of blue and green, grey and black are preferred.

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