Friday 23 August 2019
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3 Ways to Use Your Bought Retail Space in Manchester

Property ownership is bound to make you more money as a real estate investor. When you purchase a retail space in Manchester, there are many ways of ensuring you get a significant return on investment. With the right strategies, you’ll be able to make more money as well as increase your retail space’s market value.

1. Renting Out

You lose out on rent income if you put your shop for sale in Manchester. When you purchase a new retail space, you should make an effort to ensure it does not remain vacant. Minimizing vacancies can be done by letting in long-term tenants to avoid turnover time. Keeping your property occupied is the surest way of ensuring you get consistent income from your retail space.

However, when a tenant needs to move, ensure you keep turnover time on the minimum so that you don’t lose revenue. Put out ads early enough so that as soon as your old tenant moves out, a new one is ready to move in. At 100% occupancy, you are in a position to tap on your investment’s full potential.

2. Increasing the Market Value of Your property

There is always a business person looking for a shop for sale in Manchester since it is a big and industrious city. Increasing the market value of your property ensures you get a good price for it when you choose to sell it. In the meantime, ensure you cater for your tenants needs so that they don’t move out. Consider consulting with long-term tenants to find out what needs to be done to optimize their comfort.

You can use a property upgrade project to increase rent so that you get an immediate return on investment. Knowing the value of your retail space means charring tenants what it is worth. You, however, need to increase the rent strategically, so you don’t fall out with loyal tenants. When they see that the property improvement projects is to ensure they are more comfortable, the rent increase will make sense.

3. Letting in Long-term Tenants

When you rent out your retail space to qualified tenants, you won’t need to worry about turnover time as often as you would with a tenant that is still tasting the waters. Once you get an ideal tenant, ensure the property is well taken care of so that you won’t have to suffer losses due to occupancy costs.

A long-term tenant is also likely to be more consistent with payments because they also need to build a working relationship with you as the owner of the building. Excellent customer support increases tenant retention which ensures your property is almost always occupied. Consider hiring a competent property manager who will ensure everything is in order and rent is collected in time.


The surest way of ensuring your property investment bring in profit is making sure vacancies are minimized. Turnover costs money because you’ll need to make renovations that the old tenant would have lived with

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